Whether you’re a property developer, owner, or investor, you’ll be faced with a myriad of challenges in the real estate industry.

In order to adapt to the dynamic nature of this sector, you need a property expert accountant who can help you navigate the complexities of this market landscape. S&H Tax Accountants is a full-service accounting firm in Melbourne that specialises in real estate accounting.

From industry-specific bookkeeping and accounting through to tax compliance and business advisory, our team can ease your burden so you can focus on driving growth.

Professional Property Tax Accounting Solutions:

When it comes to hiring the best Tax Agents for rental properties, people always trust S&H Tax Accountants. Our professional and highly experienced property tax accountants are quite famous for their highly reliable property tax accounting and tax advice services for many property investors. For all the investors from different stages of the property investment journey, whether well-established or just starting out, with the help of S&H Tax Accountants, they can:

  • Effectively structure their property investment portfolio for asset protection.
  • Enhance cash flows of their property portfolio by accurately eliminating different types of depreciation expenses.
  • Enjoy better and proven property investment strategies that can lower taxes in legal ways.
  • Hire a professional Property Tax Expert, who will help them in claiming all tax deductions that they are entitled to. This may include all the expenses as well as depreciation related to managing, holding and improving your property investment.
  • Get an easy access to low-interest investor loans through our team.
  • Easily structure the debt to buy profitable investment properties.
  • Develop effective strategies to structure and fund property purchases.

How We Can Help:

If you have an investment property or planning to buy one, you should seek out professional property tax advice from an experienced Property Tax Expert who has years of experience and knowledge to be able to help you to get the maximum return from your property investment. We understand that investing in a property can be a complex tax, and you will have to consider a lot of major factors to come up with an informed decision. How much you can save on property tax, as well as how much asset protection you can receive, you need to understand all these things. This is where S&H Tax Accountants comes to play. When you are with us, you can ensure that you are not paying more property tax than you need to. Besides, we will make sure that you are receiving the maximum return from your investment properties.

Our secret behind our continued success is our personalised approach that enables us to cater to the unique needs of our clients. If you’re a landlord, you’ll have a dedicated rental property accountant in Melbourne who will identify and provide the specific accounting support that you need. 

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • An experienced tax accountant in Melbourne can assist you in meeting your GST, capital gains tax, and income tax obligations.
  • Proper tax planning and proactive tax advice
  • Obtaining relevant permits
  • Cost control and cash flow management
  • Construction loan and capital raising
  • Industry-specific accounting and bookkeeping service in Melbourne


We Go Beyond Crunching Numbers:

While we are really good in keeping your finances on track and maintaining compliance, we are also experts in business advisory in Melbourne. Because we are always up to speed with the latest developments in the real estate industry, we are in a good position to help you with your business strategy, project feasibility, asset protection and risk management, business structure, and governance.

Its Time to Avoid Stress And Hassle:

Our professional Tax Agents for rental Properties will support as well as represent your interest. We understand that changes in the property market along with tax legislation can happen anytime during the process of property development. With our help, you don’t have to worry about all these things. You will keep you updated on the latest property tax rule and regulations. Whether you want to hire an investment property accountant or a person with expertise in different areas of property accounting, S&H Tax Accountants will be your perfect solution.

Let’s talk about your property business and the many ways we can help. Contact us today!